5 Causes of Skin Damage

A good and healthy skin enhance your overall personality and boost your confidence. But often in this busy lives of ours, we forget to take care of our skin. Most of the people invest a large amount of money on buying beautifiers and taking the different skin care treatments on expensive parlors but they do not realize that these things only work temporarily. Taking care of your skin actually does not require much efforts. You just need to avoid a few things and change couple of your habits that are causing damage to your skin. Below are some of the potential reasons that are responsible for the adulteration of your skin.


Purtier Placenta
Purtier Placenta


Lack of water in your body

Water is considered as the best subsistence for skin therefore if you are not having plenty of water then your skin will look dry and stretchy. Skin cells are made up of water and that is why it is very necessary to keep it hydrated all the time.


Eating habits

The health of your skin is directly related to the food which you are consuming. Therefore your eating habits play an important role in damage your skin. Like your body, your skin also needs different nutrients and vitamins to look lustrous. So avoid eating fast foods and add healthy things to your diet. If you are living a busy life then you can also consume food supplements like Purtier Placenta to maintain the health of your skin.



There are so many disadvantages of smoking and one of them is your dry skin. If you are a smoker and have complaints about your skin then you should probably know that your smoking habit is the major cause for your skin damage. It makes your skin extremely dry and dull. Therefore, whatever reason may be it is for smoking, you should quit, if you desire to look young always with flawless skin.



Sun is the best source of vitamin D but the UV rays it emits is very harmful to your skin. You cannot avoid going out in the sun but you can surely take the precautions. So whenever you step out from your house always wear sunscreen and cover your face because it takes a lot of time for your skin to recover from the sun damage.


Lack of physical activity

Another major reason for the falling off your skin is lack of exercise. No matter how busy you are you should make some time to exercise daily. Your skin cells need oxygen and when you exercise the blood circulation of your body improves and oxygen reach to your skin cells.


Hence, these are some of the things which you should avoid to achieve a lovely and blooming skin.