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Why To Choose Resin Paved Driveway For Your House?

Do you want to create the ultimate first impression of your house in front of the guests? If yes, give your home driveway a versatile look. Not know what to do then this post is perfect for you to read. A great looking driveway surface can make your home lookalike wow and eye-catching.

Nowadays, people are no more interested in investing their money on traditional techniques for manufacturing driveways. Instead, they are accepting resin driveways with an open heart. People are giving more preference to them because of their incredible properties. Here they are-

  • Don’t get scatter easily underfoot of people.
  • Provides appealing look to the exterior of the house.
  • Highly resistant against ultraviolet sun rays.
  • Provide smooth finishing to the driveway surface.

It is a fact that a perfect new courtyard or driveway or garden path can change the overall look of your home and also adds extra dollars to its market value. In this article, we are going to focus on why to use resin paved driveways for your house. So let’s take a look!

Saves your money

I know many of you become quite flummoxed after reading this and wondering how can a resin paved driveway save your money. Right! It’s like this because it requires very low maintenance that directly reduces the expenditure of your bank balance. Isn’t it? Just think like this, when you earlier give preference to concrete based paving for your home driveways, you definitely end-up spending less money as compared to resin-based paving. But what about the maintenance cost of it. Is it low or high as compared to resin paving? Absolutely would have proved expensive! Because according to various studies, concrete based paving gets wear-off very easily and demands great maintenance in comparison to resin ones.

Resin driveways

Highly suitable for handicapped people

As we know concrete based paving get damaged after few months of installation and also become more prone to potholes formation. That’s can be very risky and uncomfortable for the handicapped people to walk on it. On the other hand, resin-based paving probably never get cracked easily and also provide a completely smooth finish to the surface of the driveways. Due to these properties, resin driveways are best for handicapped people.

Available in various designs and styles

Resin paved driveways can be manufactured nowadays according to various creative designs and styles. That is not possible in case of simple concrete and gravel surfacing. You can ask the contractor to provide you various options in terms of designs, if want to install resin paved driveways.

These are some of the reasons that’s why you should only choose resin paved driveways.

Driveway Guide

Types And Benefits Of Resin Driveways

The resin bound driveways were first utilized by the United Kingdom in the year 1990. At that time, commercial resin was primarily made use of by the traders for huge projects. With the advancements in the technology and features of resins, more and more homeowners and property dealers started utilizing it as the costs were decreased by a number of times.

Commercial Resin
Commercial Resin

Resin bound & resin bonded driveway

The driveways are basically of two main types- Resin Bound & Resin Bonded. The resin bound driveways have a permeable surface, while the resin bonded one is non-permeable. This makes the resin bound driveway the best alternative because of brilliant water drainage capability.


Low cost

The resin bound driveways are known to change the complete outside look of any house, thereby providing it with a new life. You will come across a number of resin driveway installers around you, but I would recommend you to get it installed from an experienced and reputed installer so as to get a qualitative service. Yet, there is no need of usage of gigantic plant digging tool for this purpose and so neighbors and homeowners are least disrupted.

Keep in mind, the resin driveways need to be fixed in dry climatic conditions. Also, it should be placed against a firm edge incorporating lawn borders, brick, timber etc. An experienced service provider can finish the task of establishing driveways in just a few days’ time. The drive would be capable of acquiring foot load in a couple of hours. After 36 hours of installation, it can sustain vehicle traffic as well.


Lowers the risk of flash flooding

The driveway of resin is ravishing, durable, flexible, water resistant and modernistic. The people of UK and Germany have made it really popular in recent years. The reason behind its immense popularity is its capability to resist water. The floods and storms cause no damage to these driveways and that the added advantage you will get!


It is easy to take care of resin driveways

Apart from enhancing the overall look of the property, resin driveways provide several other advantages as well. It is highly persistent and can withstand heavy rains and storms. It is accessible in a wide range of colors. Choose the one that contrasts with the surrounding of your property.



This was a brief about the resin driveway and why it is considered being the most optimum.